Sequels Vs. Originals: Box-Office Comparison


A plethora of sequels have released in 2016. However, barring Housefull 3, none of them have done well at the box-office. With Kahaani 2 also off to an average start at the ticket window, it begs the question whether it’s all that necessary to make a sequel, particularly when it’s coming years later and the audience hasn’t exactly been demanding for one. A look below at the box-office comparison between sequels released this year and their predecessors will give a clearer picture of why it doesn’t always make sense to try and milk the cash cow.


Rock On 2 vs. Rock On

Besides making less than half of what the original had made against a budget that was almost double, Rock On 2 also tarnished the fond memories of the first film.

Film Collections in Nett (INR) Verdict
Rock On 27.46 crore Semi-Hit
Rock On 2 10.01 crore Disaster


Tum Bin II vs. Tum Bin

The success of Tum Bin was a classic case of how good music alone could help a small film survive against a bigger and better film like Dil Chahta Hai back in 2001. With changing times, and exorbitantly high ticket prices, good music alone can’t take a film through any longer, and Tum Bin II didn’t even have the musical factor going for it.

Film Collections in Nett (INR) Verdict
Tum Bin 28.25 crore Hit
Tum Bin II 3.50 crore Disaster


Ghayal Once Again vs. Ghayal

Though the sequel earned almost double than what the original had, one needs to remember that Ghayal released in 1990 and cost about Rs. 2 crore to make back then. So, when adjusted for inflation, its earnings are easily double of what Ghayal Once Again brought in.

Film Collections in Nett (INR) Verdict
Ghayal 19.07 crore Blockbuster
Ghayal Once Again 35.70 crore



Force 2 vs. Force

Another film that appears to have surpassed the business of its predecessor, but when adjusted for inflation, the box-office returns pale in comparison to that of the first film. Not that the first movie was a rousing success to begin with, which makes you wonder why Force 2 was green-lighted in the first place?

Film Collections in Nett (INR) Verdict
Force 29.51 crore Above Average
Force 2 32.15 crore Flop


Jai Gangaajal vs. Gangaajal

Another case of a sequel arriving too many years too late, by which time the audience weren’t all really looking forward to another installment. Again, when adjusted for inflation, the 2003 film outscores the 2016 one by leaps and bounds.

Film Collections in Nett (INR) Verdict
Gangaajal 33.65 crore Hit
Jai Gangaajal 32.63 crore Average


Kyaa Kool Hai Hum vs. Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum vs. Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3

The audience embraced the first two because they were genuinely funny. However, the third part replaced naughty fun for vulgarity and offensiveness in a clear case of attempting a cash-grab on the back of the laurels. Clearly, the audience was not to be fooled.

Film Collections in Nett (INR) Verdict
Kyaa Kool Hai Hum 20.36 crore Hit
Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum 42.10 crore Hit
Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 30.25 crore Flop


Masti vs. Grand Masti vs. Great Grand Masti

Online piracy merely a week before the release of Great Grand Masti did affect its business to an extent, but we doubt the impact was as huge as the makers made it out to be. In the end, this adult-comedy franchise just ran out of steam and had nothing funny to offer by the time its third installment rolled in.

Film Collections in Nett (INR) Verdict
Masti 26.75 crore Superhit
Grand Masti 100.57 crore Blockbuster
Greeat Grand Masti 19.02 crore Disaster

Images Sources: Balaji, Excel, Viacom, Play, Maruti, and Vijayta

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