Salman Khan’s talent company Uniworld Being Talented takes strategic ownership in Kwan’s holding company


Salman Khan’s talent company UBT picks up strategic stake in the holding company that owns premiere talent company Kwan. The strategic merger is of utmost benefit to both the parties, with the collaboration providing an edge to the operations of both the companies. With this development, Kwan entertainment gains rights and access to UBT’s talent roaster including Salman Khan while the superstar’s company owns access to their talent and the entire infrastructure and services of Kwan entertainment. The joint partnership has Salman Khan’s company in addition to becoming part owners of various other businesses owned by Kwan’s holding company such as production, distribution, restaurants and theme parks etc. Speaking about the development, Vikram Tanwar, co-founder of UBT says, “We are excited about this partnership and look forward to creating great synergy between the two companies.” Producer Madhu Mantena adds, “We are delighted with the opportunity to partner UBT and look forward to building large, sustainable and transparent entertainment services.” This one of a kind association between a Bollywood superstar with a premium talent agency Kwan entertainment is one of the biggest alliances of the industry this year.

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