“Salman Khan is like my angel”: Bobby Deol


Of all the chiseled bods, curvaceous contours, and captivating visages on display in Race 3, the one that’s looking the most stunning has got to be Bobby Deol. Not because he’s sporting the best physique, looks the best, or has the most-stylish presence of the ensemble cast (all points that could be debated in earnest, by the way), but simply because of how stupefying his physical metamorphosis has been. From Poster Boys (in which he again displayed his underrated comic talent) to Race 3, Bobby has gone from the cool and adorable Punjabi munda to the uber-cool, uber-sleek, Punjbai stud, six-pack abs, bulging pecs et al, in the span of nine months, which has got to rank among the most jaw-dropping and speediest anatomical transformations in all of tinsel town.

We recently got a change to quiz the dashing Deol about his appetizing physical changes, and he minced no word in bestowing all the credit on Salman Khan – the man who’s taken Bobby under his wing and vowed to revive his career to its former glory (Bobby had delivered seven hits in as many years between the mid-90s and early-2000s, after all).

“I met Salman some years back, after which I kept bumping into him. One day he asked, 'Why have you kept such a thick beard? Listen, just shave it off. Everybody goes through bad phases. When I went through my bad phase, I had climbed onto your brother's (Sunny Deol) back.' So, I told him, 'Okay, mamu, let me climb onto your back.' He remembered that and promised to do something with me someday. In the meantime, on his advice, I started taking care of myself, started working out, taking care of what I eat, because I realized that I've to be ready for whatever came my way. Then, suddenly, one day I get a phone call from Salman asking, 'Mamu, shirt utarega,' and I replied that I'm ready to do whatever he wants me to. Salman called me at a time when I was focusing on my career again, and he offered me Race 3. The energy on the sets of the film was phenomenal. IN the past few years, I haven't had much films as I was going through a different phase. Today, when I see Salman, it gives me a lot of positivity and motivates me to do better. Salman is so unaffected by his stardom and continues to work so hard. He inspires me to push myself harder. He's like my angel. I am hungry for more work, and hopefully, things will turn around.”

We hope so, too, because regardless of what the social-media generation may think, Bobby’s true fans will never forget his past achievements, his box-office success, and his movies that can be re-watched several times over. Fingers crossed that Race 3 marks his second coming.

Images Source: Twitter/thedeol