Richa Chadha remembers her late grandfather on the occasion of Indian Army Day


15th January which is today is celebrated as the Indian Army Day and actress Richa Chadha took to her social media to share a picture of her own maternal grandfather who served in the Indian army in his time.

Her grandfather was a freedom fighter, a surgeon and served the Indian army for all the wars fought till 1971.

Richa said in her post – “It’s Indian Army Day. This is my Nanaji. Lt Col Dharamveer Prasad. He was a freedom fighter and then a surgeon in the Indian army post independence. He fought all wars till 1971 and even took a bullet in the leg in one. I miss him, he passed away in 2007. In these times of global jingoism, I miss his quiet dignity, his peaceful strength and his commitment to the cause of humanity”

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