Remember Shah Rukh Khans kid in Ra.One? Heres how he looks now


Ra.One, which released back in 2011, is best remembered for its groundbreaking visual effects in Indian cinema and for its chartbuster songs. However, there was a lively little boy in the film, Armaan Verma, who had also caught the audiences fancy along with Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoors sizzling chemistry. Armaan had played SRK and Bebos son, Prateek, and everything from his chirpy voice to cute smile to his fringes was appreciated by moviegoers. However, post Ra.One, the kid did not appear in subsequent films, and kind of vanished from the Bollywood scene.

So, whats he up to these days and how does he look like now? Well, we discovered a bunch of photos of Armaan on his Instagram account, and he has clearly grown up into a handsome teenager. Whats more, hes enjoying his teen years like any normal adolescent should.


Hes grown up to be quite the dude.


Loves chilling out with his buddies.


Loves animals, too.


But, if theres one thing that hasnt changed, its his adorable, infectious smile.


Looks like Armaan Verma is living up his teen years to the fullest. But, we sure do hope to see him again on the big screen sometime in the future.


Images Sources: Instagram/armaanverma and Facebook/Armaan Verma

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