Receiving truckloads of love and support from all across, Ananya Panday returns the same to a handful of negative souls


Actress Ananya Panday who took a step against social media bullying and announced her digital social responsibility, ‘So Positive’ received a lot of appreciation for her initiative from not just the who’s who of the industry and audience but also from emmenent professionals like doctors and psychologists.

However, a handful of individuals chose to take offense with her ‘So Positive’ campaign and
criticized the actress for her initiative.

It’s true that no matter how much of a good thing you put your efforts into, there will always be certain segments who would not be happy with anything because they can only see the bad even in the best; even when an iota of it doesn’t exist. In return, Ananya Panday reacted to the comments by giving back love to them and positivity and that’s what makes her the finest person to carry the baton for the cause!

Her reaction to the people who criticized her on taking up the initiative, was by blowing a kiss and writing “Love you too, I am just going to give you love back so if you want you can try.”

The actress shared, “I was really scared before I launched this campaign because I was like may be people won’t take it seriously and think it’s a big enough issue, This comment just helps me make my case stronger because this is the problem with our world. if they see something happy, nice and positive happening they want to find something negative which I think is so so wrong. So I think however big or small the issue is, it’s important to speak about it”.

She further added,”I take pride in being a strong person. My dad has also been a thick-skinned person through it all. I think I have inherited that quality in me. I feel the best way to deal with trolls is to simply ignore them or give love back to the people who hate me.”

Social media bullying is extremely detrimental to a person’s well being. From its repercussions ranging from low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and image issues, it is just as severe as any other health problem. Ananya is surely, living true to her ‘So+’ ideals, slayed the naysayers with love and a whole lot of heart is indeed very munificent of the actress.

Ananya Panday’s take on social media bullying is commendable and is receiving appreciation from all across the world! This has earned her a lot of praise from the who’s who of the industry, who too have been at the receiving end of the same.

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