Ranveer Singh’s friend in Ram Leela, actor Chandra Shekhar Dutta, is now seen in ‘Lakhon May Ek ‘ season 2 on Amazon Prime


On reason behind choosing this web series Chandrasekhar says , “I was told by Parag Mehta Sir it’s very clean project. First season was based on Education and second will be based on medical system n has strong plot line. I was auditioned for one of negative lead twice. Audition worked in a different way. Director Abhishek Sengupta noticed something underneath that the intensity and silence that was played can be a angry young man. Looking into my background of work I was told to give one more audition for another character of a villager. I said gaon wala nahi karunga. Like all time he called me in office and narrated the story. The whole series was based on a village of CHITRAKATHI Art people, the art is about to vanish and the guy Gandharva is trying to make a market to these Art sothat this Art along with it’s dependent village needs to survive. This clicked me the idea to give contribution being a part. Then I listened to the emotional Arc of the character. The scene auditioned was the opening scene and the slapping scene, and these both worked in auditions greatly. I was given full space to perform and many a times being introvert I n director didn’t speak much but giving each other looks and doing on shot. It proved great.”

On uniqueness of his role he shares, “I play widely different roles with age, economic class and status with inner journey and Arc. In one international film I am playing a philosophy embedded in a dead body of 45 years it’s a Vikram Betaal tale modernised called The Last Koan yet to release. I am playing a role of main religious speaker in another international release whose age is 65 years and the character is such a transformed that make up used to take two n half hours. In one hindi film as title role I am playing 24 years young character who is a rajni fan with all styles and is a Savior emotional young hero. Also pattern when I choose a role. Many a cases the role chooses me than I.”

” After watching the co actors genuinely appreciated either after screening or on calls.
Some media calls also came. Yes, things are happening for good. When the God takes out the curtain he knows when and what to reveal” , he further says on getting praises.

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