Ranveer Singh’s Apna Time Aayega still no 1 on the charts


It’s been over six weeks that Gully Boy dropped the Ranveer Singh rap anthem, Apna Time Aayega. Immediately after it was launched, the hard-hitting track raced to No 1 across all the music charts. Ranveer not only made Indian Hip hop make its way to popular culture but also established himself as a huge hip hop artist of the country. Over a month after Gully Boy’s release and the track is still top of the charts!

Ranveer says, “The film released a month ago and now one can say that ‘Apna time Aayega’ has become a cult catch phrase. I’m extremely proud that ‘Apna Time Aayega’ is still on top of the charts. It’s my first outing as a vocalist and this kind of acclaim is really beyond my wildest imagination. I’m thrilled that Hindustani hip-hop has found widespread acceptance in the mainstream in India. The audience has accepted me as a Hip hop artist and I’m extremely grateful for that.”

It is phenomenal to see the acceptance as hip hop in India whose music scene is dominated by Bollywood music especially remixes. Ranveer’s acceptance as a Hip hop artist by people also showcases the huge popularity of the star among the youth of the country that’s completely plugged into this genre of music.

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