“Ranveer Singh is one of the finest actors of this generation”: Dharmendra

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Dharmendra is one of the biggest superstars, greatest actors, a paradigm of versatility, and a bona-fide legend of India cinema. Words fall short to describe his sterling achievements. So when someone of his stature speaks about cinema or praises someone from today’s generation, it’s only right that we all sit back, pay attention, and pay heed to his words.

Recently, while discussing the great man’s career, the topic veered to today’s films and stars as we asked him if he watches films from the current era. Dharam paaji not only replied in the affirmative, but also acknowledged how some of the films and actors nowadays are really good, while singling out Ranveer Singh and Dangal for praise in particular.

“I do watch movies of this era, and some of them are very good. Even some of the actors today are doing a fine job. I find Ranveer Singh to be one of the finest actors of this generation. I was so impressed during the climax in Padmaavat, when he carries his sword like a true warrior, and walks with so much passion and aggression that I had stood up and saluted his performance. I also like Dangal a lot among the recent films I’ve seen. In fact, I had cried during the scene where the elder daughter in the film doesn’t respect her father in the akhada (wrestling arena) in their village. That scene touched my heart. So, yea, people today are also doing some great work.”

Well, we’re sure that both Ranveer and the team of Dangal are going to be over them moon after hearing such overwhelming words from Dharmendra.

Image Source: Sunny Sounds

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