Ranveer Singh gives a fan a moment to cherish for life


Ranveer Singh treasures his fans, pampers them and makes their experience incredibly special each and every time he meets them. Last night, Ranveer have a fan a memory to cherish for her lifetime.

“A girl, Mushkaan Arora, is a die-hard fan of Ranveer for years and she has been trying her best to meet him. The girl was in Mumbai yesterday and took a chance to go to his home in a big to catch a glimpse of Ranveer. Little did she know then, that it would become a very special day of her life,” says a building source.

“When Muskaan reached Ranveer’s home, she asked if he was around. Ranveer wasn’t but the security informed the family about her. The family immediately intimated Ranveer about the same. The girl was ready to wait and she was extremely sweet to understand that Ranveer was busy in hectic promotions. Thankfully, Ranveer had a free window and he drove down post promotions particularly to meet her. They took pictures and spent quite some time. Of course, she was overwhelmed but it was an incredibly special moment for her,” the source adds.

Here are the screenshots of her meeting with Ranveer:

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