Ralph Breaks the Internet Movie Review: Ralph learns the ups and downs of the internet and life

Bollywood Review

Ralph Breaks the Internet is ingeniously conceptualized, technologically savvy, frequently fresh, and intermittently breezy. In other words, it ticks most of the boxes that made the first part one of Disney’s best films ever. The only places where it falls short is in recreating the genuine warmth and humanity of Wreck-It Ralph or in inculcating the beautiful subtle messages of that film.

Nevertheless, the entire digital world-building is nothing short of splendid, and the references to the pros and cons of the internet are extremely well done. Also watch out for a brilliant yet humorous take on feminism, where a bunch of Disney Princesses indulge in a hilarious role reversal to rescue “Ralph in distress”.

To sum it up, Ralph Break the Internet doesn’t strike as strong an emotional chord as its predecessor, but does enough to register plenty of smiles with both kids and adults alike.

Movified Rating: 3.5/5 stars

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