Prepaway ACT Test – Analyze Your Strengths and Weaknesses


Are you taking the ACT and wondering what score do I need on this thing to get into college?
If that’s you, you’ve come to the right place because we are going to share some details about the ACT test in this article.
The ACT (American College Testing) is one of the most popular college admissions tests in the United States. This test measures the knowledge that students have gained from their high school courses. In other words, the ACT Prep test is used to measure the student’s college readiness. In addition to being a college admission test, the ACT also helps test-takers plan for college and beyond with personalized career information.
Reasons to take the ACT test
The ACT test is accepted at all major colleges and universities. So, it’s a great opportunity for you to increase the chances of getting admission in your desired college or university. The most interesting thing about the ACT test is that it helps you qualify for the scholarships. The ACT scores aren’t only helpful for college admissions but they also help you qualify for a job as some employers as for ACT scores when hiring new employees.
You can also use the ACT scores to better plan your career because the ACT test provides you with an overview of your strengths and weaknesses.
ACT test questions
Basically, this test is going to measure your strengths and weaknesses in four different areas including English, Math, Reading and Science. Moreover, some colleges require an optional writing test to analyze the student’s writing skills.
The English Test checks your grammar skills and knowledge of punctuation, your ability to create the correct structure making it logic and coherent. The test defines whether you know what the style in English is or not. This part includes 75 questions and lasts 45 minutes.
The ACT Math Test consists of 60 multiple choice questions that are supposed to be completed within 60 minutes. It tests your knowledge in algebra, geometry and trigonometry. The math test covers two major categories that are further divided into 7 subcategories.
The Reading test consists of 40 questions that are used to measure your reading comprehension skills. The duration of this test is 35 minutes.
The science test also contains 40 multiple choice questions that cover four major areas of science including chemistry, biology, physics and earth/space sciences. This test should be completed within 35 minutes and it is used to measure the student’s ability to analyze, interpret, evaluate and solve problems in the natural sciences. The scientific information that is found on the test is conveyed in conflicting viewpoints, research summaries and graphics and tabular materials.
We’ve already discussed that the Writing test is an optional part of the exam. The college administrators use the results of the writing test to measure your ability to generate productive ideas. Moreover, they will test your writing skills in conveying your thoughts.
If you choose to pass the first four tests, it will take you 2 hours and 55 minutes. For those who will sit for the Writing test, the time duration will be 3 hours and 35 minutes.
The test administrators usually release the test scores within two to eight weeks from the date you took the test.
Tips for passing the ACT test
The ACT test can be a bit tricky for a few students, as it usually consists of information the students have learned throughout the academic years. Still, it better to start the preparation before the exam date. Only in this case, you won’t face any problem while taking the ACT test. However, there are some important tips that students need to follow if they want to achieve a better score in the test.

  1. Register Early
    The Early Registration enables you to find a seat in your desired testing location. The statistics show that students feel very comfortable when they take the test in a familiar location. The registration is opened at least 3 months before the test date. So, the students have a chance of getting themselves registered as soon as they want.
  2. Take an official practice test
    It’s really important to take an official practice test before you start your preparation. It provides you with an overview of your strengths and weaknesses. As a result, you’d focus on areas that require more attention.
  3. Create and follow a study schedule
    Now, that you’ve figured out your strengths and weaknesses, it’s time to set a proper schedule for exam preparation. It allows you to cover all the important areas before the test date. Always remember that 15-30 minutes of everyday preparation is a lot better than 4-5 hours on Sunday evening. It helps in storing more information to your mind.
  4. Use optional web resources
    There are numerous online and traditional resources available for students to prepare for the ACT test. Thus, you can either join a study group in their classroom or take the online video tutorials for exam preparation. And if you’re willing to achieve a better score, the paid resources are always there to help you out.
    ExamSnap is the most popular platform that provides you with access to a wide range of video tutorials and practice tests. So, it’s a remarkable option for students who want to score better marks in the ACT test.
  5. Take at least two more practice tests
    Practice makes a man perfect. The practice tests are considered to be very helpful in building more confidence. So, it’s really important to take at least two practice tests before you appear for the real exam. The practice tests are easily available on reliable platforms like ACT official website and PrepAway. So, it’s a great opportunity for you to test your skills.
  6. Get a good night sleep before the exam
    The students who regularly follow a strict preparation schedule do not have to worry about last minute preparation. Thus, they get a better chance of getting a good night sleep before the exam. It makes them feel fresh and active on the exam day. As a result, they’d be able to answer all the questions with complete attention.
  7. Fill in all the bubbles
    The beauty of the ACT test is that the students do not get any penalty for providing the wrong answer. And the test score is usually measured based on the correct answers. So, you must try your best to fill in all the bubbles. If you don’t need the answer to a question, you can start eliminating the wrong answers and then fill in the bubble that appears to be more accurate.
    To sum up, the ACT test is a remarkable approach for students to join their desired college or university. In this article, we’ve shared detailed information about ACT test, so that you shouldn’t face any difficulties during your preparation process. Simply, start your preparation long before the exam date and use the materials provided on the most trusted website. Wish you success.

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