PM Narendra Modi‘s reply to Kartik Aaryan’s “loser’s backfie” is hilarious


Kartik Aaryan tweeted a hilarious selfie with Imtiaz Ali , Karan johar , dinesh vijjan and Narendra Modi’s back which was titled as losers’ backfie . While the photo got instant likes and reactions, our excitement touched zenith when Mr. Modi replied to his tweet stating that the squad is not losers but rockstars instead.

That’s correct, Mr. Modi replied to the tweet also adding that although they couldnt get a selfie together, but there will always be a next time. His tweet read, “Not losers but Rockstars! No selfie Jab We Met but there will always be another occasion.”

Now that’s huge coming from the PM himself. His sense of humour speaks volume and we are sure Kartik and Imtiaz Ali would be really happy with this reply !

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