Photos of Digangana’s leg burn while shooting a bike sequence go viral


Pictures of leg injury of Dingangana Suryavanshi, who recently debuted in the Telugu film industry with her superhit movie Hippi, went viral where the actress is seen suffering from burning while shooting for a bike sequence.

Performing stunts in the film’s action sequence is indeed a risky job and extreme care taken of the individuals performing them. However, sometimes, despite all the precautions, things go wrong and actors end up being severely injured which can even be proved fatal in some cases.

Close sources reveal that, during the sequence, Digangana was required to ride a bike and although initially, everything went well, while getting off the bike, actress’s leg touched the silencer of the bike causing a heavy burn.
The best part was that Digangana, courageous as she is, not only shot the next day but also did a dance number, despite being injured.

Talking about her injury, Digangana says, “Well… we were shooting in srilanka and after a riding bike around the place for shoot, just when I was getting off, the balance went off, and I got a burn on my leg… I didn’t go to the doctor as I knew they would ask me to rest and we had dance sequences to shoot, basically a whole sched of 10 days… was quite an experience but I learnt I only grew stronger… I finally went to the doctor in Chennai, the second half of the same sched….”

Hippi has already proved itself a massive hit and won the audience’s heart. The movie is about two young people in love and has all the ingredients of a complete entertainment package. Hippi’s director T.N.Krishna, producer S. Thanu have showered Digangana with their acclamation saying she is going to rule the Tollywood industry in recent days.

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