Personal gym recreated for Esha Gupta on the sets of One Day


Esha Gupta is known for her smoking hot body. There’s a lot that goes into maintaining it. Esha makes sure she spends a minimum of 2 hours each day working out. When she moved to Haryana for a tight schedule for One Day, the producers recreated a gym for her on the sets so that she doesn’t miss her work out.

Another reason for the same was she had to look really fit for the tough cop role that she’s playing in One Day: Justice Delivered. She wanted to have a proper physique for her character, to perform action sequences well, and showcase a true portray of a female cop in the country.

Esha Gupta says, “I like being fit but especially for this role, I had to to make sure I look and walk stronger. It was a different experience and I really enjoyed it.”

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