“People don’t remember how Aiyaary was victimized”: Manoj Bajpayee

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Manoj Bajpayee will next be seen alongside John Abraham in the upcoming testosterone-filled Independence Day release Satyameva Jayate, and while we love the fact that an actor of his caliber is putting his weight behind commercial cinema of late, or like he likes to call them, “middle-of-the-road cinema, ushered in by a new wave of Directors”. However, his last release in the same realm, Aiyaary, not only bombed at the box-office, but was also universally panned by critics, and that, too, after being helmed by a reputed Director like Neeraj Pandey, with whom Manoj has worked with in one-of-his-best films to date, Special 26. So what went wrong with the film?

Well, Manoj finally opened up on the same during a recent interview with us for the promotions of Satyameva Jayate, confessing that he believes Aiyaary suffered from victimization by several bigger projects, which forced it to play musical chairs with its release date, which in turn affected severely affected its prospects with the audience.

“Nothing went gone wrong with Aiyaary. It’s just that people don’t remember how the film was victimized. Aiyaary suffered not because of the film; it’s a great film. It suffered because of so many other things that happened, and which weren’t in its control. Its release date was announced many months ago, and then, it had to keep shifting its release because it was bullied by bigger films, starting bigger stars, which wanted to come on the same date.”

While we’re not entirely content with Bajpayee’s reasoning for Aiyaary’s failure, but we do agree with him on the point that it was “bullied by bigger films” that suddenly decided to arrive on the same day.

Image Source: Friday Filmworks

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