Parineeti Chopra’s stardom propels Australia’s tourism industry to grow by 21 percent


Parineeti Chopra is one of the most influential young stars of today. She is one of the very few celebrities to have over 20 million followers on Instagram and her cumulative social media following is close to about 50 million! Her avid and active fan following has been encashed by the Australia Tourism authorities who are certainly reaping the benefits of her fanbase.

According to the India Entertainment Marketing Report 2019, Indian visitors to Australia has grown at an average of 21% since the appointment of Parineeti as a “Friend of Australia” (a catchphrase used by the authorities instead of Brand Ambassador), in comparison to 15% growth experienced during the prior 6 months!

Parineeti has been a hugely active campaigner for Tourism Australia and ensured she went out of her way to deliver over and above her brand commitments. She has been a Friend of Australia for the past 3 years and has immensely contributed to Indians choosing the island nation as one of their most preferred vacation destinations. Pari has also creatively contributed towards the beautifully conceptualised films that promoted Australia to Indian tourists and has also featured and sung for the campaign.

When Parineeti learnt about this report, she was ecstatic! She says, “That’s just awesome to hear! I felt for this campaign from my heart and I guess it showed! Now, my aim is to take the growth number to 50 percent!”

Parineeti is a travel junkie and her social media is extensively followed by the youth of the country who find her travel content hugely aspirational.

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