Parineeti Chopra uses fashion to speak on social issues


Becomes the first celebrity in India to use fashion to raise awareness on societal issues and stereotypes

Parineeti Chopra has a staggering number of followers on social media. With close to 50 million people following her digitally, Pari is one of the most engaged and influential personalities of India. Now, in what seems like a breakthrough concept on social media, Pari is going to be the first celebrity in India to use fashion to raise awareness on social issues and she will also raise her voice against stereotypes prevalent in our country.

Yesterday, Pari wore a T-shirt that said ‘Love is Love’ and we have learnt that it was the start of her social media campaign that will see her continue to raise her voice about important issues that matter to her and are close to her heart. Pari has always been socially conscious and has been actively taking up causes right from her college days.

When questioned, Pari replied back to us saying, “Fashion has, is and will always make bold statements on issues affecting society. I have always strongly felt about equality and have always spoken against stereotypes and today I was celebrating India’s massive decision to decriminalise section 377. I will continue raising my voice on important societal issues through fashion because I feel as celebrities we need to bring attention to important things that are happening in and around us.”

Let’s see what issue she speaks about next through her innovative and highly interesting social media campaign.

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