Parados to Stage is set to present two exciting new plays, Still Life and Present Laughter, commencing this Republic Day


‘Parados to Stage’ is a platform created by ‘Rangshila Theatre Group’ to help people, of any age, to develop their interest in acting, directing or script writing. The workshops conducted by ‘Parados to Stage’ provides guidance and support to its students in character assessment & understanding, confidence building and finding a voice to express oneself.

‘Parados To Stage’ has held numerous workshops till date followed by a show/play presented by each batch. “Coward’s Laughter”, marks their completion of the 25th workshop.
Coward’s Laughter, is a combination of two plays, ‘Still Life’ and ‘Present Laughter’, that will sway your emotional scales of understanding relationships.

‘Still Life’ shows the paradox of the relationship in the times when infidelity was a hush hush affair. This play portrays the irony of the characters trapped in the monotony of daily chores, unknowingly searching for the escape to the more exciting world.

‘Present Laughter’ is all about Gary Essendine, a veteran actor of the 20th Century, whose habit of acting (overacting to be precise) has leaked into his personal life, making it difficult to differentiate between his personal and professional life.

Undersome situational and hormonal circumstances, our actors end up sleeping with his producer’s wife just weeks before heading towards Africa for his shows. What happens next along with the chaos and Gary’s misery will leave you in fits of laughter.

This production is completely coordinated by ‘Parados To Stage’ students of the current and previous batches, and directed by Saurabh Mishra- an alumnus of the prestigious Bharatendu Natya Academy, Lucknow.

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