Padmini Kolhapure reveals how Anil Kapoor pursued her for Woh Saat Din


The Kapil Sharma Show is one of the popular comedy shows and since its return, the series has been one of the highest TRP grossers as well. Many television and Bollywood celebs grace the show to promote their movies and shows. It is best to believe that this Sony Entertainment Television’s popular comedy show is a place where all the stars let their guards down and share the funniest memories from their personal lives and careers. Recently, the stage of The Kapil Sharma Show was graced by the massively adored actress Padmani Kolhapure . The actress was seen on the show alongside Bollywood’s beloved Bad-man’ Shakti Kapoor. The pair were seen having a gala and sharing many fun tales with the host Kapil Sharma.
When asked by Kapil about the rumours that Anil Kapoor was given the responsibility of getting dates from Padmini Kolhapure for ‘Woh Saat Din’ the actress responded, “Yes, it is true. The producer had given Anil Kapoor the responsibility to get my dates for ‘Woh Saat Din’. And, Anil pursued me very hard to get my dates.” The actress added, “To get my dates, Anil used to send me huge lunch boxes filled with tasty food. He used to get my dates very easily because of these boxes of food.”
To this, Shakti Kapoor added, “But indeed, the movie really needed Padmini, I know because I was around. It was one of the finest films we saw in those times, the chemistry between the Anil Kapoor and Padmini Kolhapure was a hit. It was a fantastic film.” The actor also went on to share that, “The Tiffin boxes full of food from Anil Kapoor’s house come to my house now. Anil’s daughter Sonam Kapoor and my son Siddhanth Kapoor are very close friends and whenever there is good food at their place, there are huge tiffin boxes sent to my house from theirs.”
Further in the show, Archana Puran Singh calls Shakti Kapoor the most deviant fellow of the industry and tells the host that she knows the actor for decades now.

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