Padmavati Again Denied Its Censor Certificate


It looks like there’s no end to the woes of Padmavati. After the film was indefinitely postponed due to its failure to procure a censor certificate and innumerable obstacles, including nothing short of outright violence, death threats, and murder, from front Hindutva fundamentalist outfits, the film has hit another roadblock as the CBFC has once again refused to issue it the mandatory censor certificate.

The latest denial for a certificate from the CBFC stems from the board members again having to forgo their plans to view the film. The only silver lining that the makers can take away from this latest fiasco is that the censor board only put off the screening because of a dispute over the new disclaimer mentioned in the censor certificate application issued by the producers, which the board is reluctant to comply with. At least, the denial to certify the film isn’t influence by any external factors, or so we’d like to think.

No one really know what this new disclaimer is about and both the film’s producers and CBFC are remaining tight-lipped about it. All that has been disclosed at this time by a source inside the CBFC is that the new disclaimer has stirred a fresh debate on how the film needs to be viewed and certified. It has led to a more complications that could even require the intervention of outside experts.

With these fresh set of hurdles and complication and God knows what not cropping up, we realistically can’t see Padmavati releasing in the near future, leading to further losses for its producers.

Image Source: SLB

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