Om Swami Has Finally Been Thrown Out Of Bigg Boss 10


Om Swami, the biggest tormentor of the contestants of Bigg Boss 10 has finally been shown the door. It is no secret that Om Swami would go to any length to gain attention and had no conscience whatsoever. From cursing, pointing fingers at characters and even harassing women; the man did it all.

But the last straw was when during the captaincy task, Om Swami threw his pee at Bani Judge and Rohan Mehra. The contestants were taken aback by the disgusting actions and even hit Om Swami; and finally, Bigg Boss team asked Om Swami to leave the house and the show for good.

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In fact, even though Bani and Rohan had hit Swami after he threw his pee, the other two were not punished because Bigg Boss felt that even though Bani and Rohan’s reactions were violent, they were justified because of Om Swami’s act.

All we can say is, good riddance to bad rubbish.

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