“Not many know that Tiger initially wanted to be a basketball player”: Jackie Shroff

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Tiger Shroff has become one-of-the-most bankable stars in Bollywood today, with his stock rising massively in a short span of time. He’s amassed a massive fan-following in no time, and has delivered some huge hits in a short career span. No doubt, his father, veteran actor Jackie Shroff, must be proud as punch when he looks at his son. Recently, when we met Jaggu Dada, we asked him how he feels about his son’s meteoric rise the same while also inquiring if he wishes that Tiger divulges into other genres other than action and dance, and whether he ever sits and advises his son about his career choices.

While we aren’t surprised to hear that Bindaas Bhidu doesn’t believe in advising his son about his career, preferring that his boy does his own thing (after all, isn’t that how Jackie lived his own life), we were shocked to know that at first, Tiger had no intention to become an actor, and actually wanted to be a basketball player, having even traveled to America to for NBA tryouts.

“As a child, I never tried to tell Tiger anything. I gave him all my affection and love, and he used to always listen to what I would whisper in his ear while growing up. He used to always remain with me, like when I sued to go for my shoots, he’d accompany me in the car, and used to always see the way I’d talk and behave and interact with others. But, along with that, I’m glad he’s become his own man today, and doing his own thing. He listens to his heart, and so, if he wants to only do action or dance films, then so be it. He’s doing extremely well in them, and the audience is loving him in those types of movies.

Source: NGE

“The only time he did something we wanted was when his mother (Ayesha Shroff) had asked him to do a film. He told her that if she wanted him to do one, he’d do it. So, he entered the film line for his mother. Otherwise, not many know that Tiger initially want to be a basketball player. He was also very good at football. In fact, he was interested in all sports, and had even travelled to the US once to try his hand at joining the NBA. He’s a seriously good basketball player. But he decided to do a film only on his mother’s request. Fortunately, Sajid Nadiadwala offered him Heropanti, the film became a hit, my son found his niche, and decided to continue doing films.

Source: NGE

“It’s good that he’s carving his own path as an action and dance here. I never tell him anything. The topic of films don’t arise between us. Neither when he wanted to join basketball, did I influence him to come into films; that was his mother. And nor do I talk to him about his choices now that he’s doing well in the industry.”

Source: NGE

Well, we must say that that’s quite a revelation from Jackie about Tiger. Also, “seriously good basketball player or not”, as movie-buffs, we’re glad that Tiger Shroff is part of Bollywood, and hope he continues doing his own things because there’s nobody in the industry who can quite do it like him.

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