“No other celebrity cares for us except Vijay”: President, South Indian Farmers’ Association


Thalapathy Vijay has time and again come out in support of Tamil Nadu’s famers, making many public statements urging the state government and NGOs to look into their plight besides donating plenty of undisclosed sums to their cause. At a recent award ceremony, too, Vijay implored the central government to look into the issues plaguing not just Tamil famers, but those all over the country.

At the currently ongoing protest meet organized by the National South Indian Rivers Linking Farmers’ Association, its President, Ayyakannu thanked Vijay profusely while addressing the media, declaring that they’d be honoring him with a shawl the moment their protest is concluded. He added that no other celebrity in the state cares about the farmers, and it’s only Vijay who continually supports them.

“We felt pleased to see someone like Vijay supporting us. Even we thought of meeting Vijay and honoring him with a shawl because no other celebrity care about us except him. So, we were elated when Vijay said something like that about us (his recent comments at the award ceremony). So when our protest comes to an end, we’ll meet Vijay and honor him.”

It’s no wonder that Vijay is fondly referred to as Thalapathy by his fans.

Image Source: Murugan Cine Arts