“Ninety percent of how you look depends on what you eat”: Disha Patani on fitness and health

Bollywood Fitness

Hailed as one of Bollywood’s fittest actress, Disha Patani, in a recent interview talks about her eating habits, healthy routine and sticking to the fitness regime. She continuously excels in motivating us to stay fit and healthy just like her.

The actress shares “There is a difference between starving and eating healthy. I always choose healthier options. Ninety percent of how you look depends on what you eat. If I’m not eating right, no matter how much I train, I won’t improve. I am a lover of sweet things and I eat as my heart permits once a week.”

Disha instills a sense of us hardwork and consistency in us further by adding “When I come back from filming, I have to start from the basics again. If you don’t achieve a split, you need to stretch every day. If you don’t, you lose it.”

That’s certainly all the fitness inspiration we need to maintain a lifestyle which is healthy and not to forget, the stunning body it leaves you with.

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