Nandamuri Balakrishna slaps a fan yet again


Nandamuri Balakrishna doesnt seem to be learning anything from his past misdemeanors as the actor appears to be on a slapping spree. A little more than a month after slapping a fan in public (to be fair, the individual had overstepped in his enthusiasm to garland the star in public, but there were other ways to diffuse the situation) Balayya repeated the act, and this time, he didnt even have an excuse (not that there should be one for being violent) as the fan had merely crossed a gate before him.

The incident happened during NBKs election campaign (the actor is also an active politician) in the Hindupur district in Andhra Preadesh. There was a huge crowd at the political rally, and the fan in question had crossed the gate before the actor and his entourage in the enthusiasm to get closer to the star. This incensed Balayya no end, and he once again displayed one of his infamous public outbursts by laying a hard smack across the particular individuals head.

Watch the video below:

Some time ago, Balakrishna was also caught on video smacking one of his assistant directors merely for not being present to remove his slippers prior to the actor entering a temple for a shot. The actor has a history of similar public flare-ups due to his short temper, but theyre being brought to the limelight of late because of the advent of social media. Someone really needs to calm Balayya down.

Image and Video Sources: Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Cinema and YouTube/Anirudh Sriraman

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