my First Earning Was From Pankaj Udhas Concert, I Was An Usher : Shah Rukh Khan


Shah Rukh Khan is one of the biggest superstars all across the world, we are all aware of his popularity and the humungous fan following. Currently busy promoting Raees, SRK has always been one of the wittiest stars in the Industry. But Shah Rukh Khan is also one of those rare actors who didn’t belong to the Industry since forever, they struggled hard to make their way to the top. (Also Read: Shah Rukh Khan Gets Candid About Losing His Parents And Surviving Poverty)

In a recent interview with a leading daily, Shah Rukh Khan revealed that his first salary was Rs.50 and you won’t believe how he earned that amount. Well, SRK was an usher in a Pankaj Udhas concert and with this little money, SRK also boarded a train to Agra. He says, “I have travelled some long distances when I was younger. I did one, when I got my first earning from Pankaj Udhas concert, I was an usher. We got Rs 50, so we went to Taj Mahal, saved money.”

Wonder what his experience was like? Well, he says, “There they used to give this Pink lassi. We were so hungry, we had nothing to eat, but the lassi was big. But I think there was a bumble bee in it. I remember the whole way back from Agra to Delhi I was throwing up.” (Also Read: “Get Me A Top TV Journalist Who Puts My Views Across As They Are”: Shah Rukh Khan)

Surprising, isn’t it? But then as they say, “Hardwork is the key to success”. Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees releases on 25th January, 2017.


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