5 Most Memorable Dialogues From Dostana


Dostana has been one of the funniest movies made in Bollywood. A Dharma Production presentation, this film was one of the first movies that didn’t shy away from showcasing the less talked about concept of gay relationships. The film also showed how Indian parents would react to a same sex relationship. The film starring Abhishek Bachchan, John Abraham and Priyanka Chopra is still a complete joy to watch and Kirron Kher remains our favourite ‘maa’ of the Bollywood Industry.

The film has completed 8years today and while we all cherished the film, we thought it’d be fun to celebrate these 8years by remembering the funniest moments from the movie:-

1. When Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham are tempted to rent the flat Priyanka Chopra owns and are asked to narrate their love story to Priyanka Chopra’s aunt.

us pehli mulakaat mein hi Kunal ne mujhe lakhon hazaron sapne dikhaye mujhe laga jaise main thehra raha zameen chalne lagi”

“use pukarta toh bhi kis naam se Pritam, premi, my jigripoo”


2. When Kirron Kher enters while Priyanka invited her gay boss Boman Irani to introduce him to Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham

Nahinnn…. Ye ghar hai ki kanjarkhaana, khabardaar agar mere bete ko haath lagaya daayan, ek ma aka shraap lagega tujhe”

“ye peeli kameez wala uncle mere bachche ke peechhe pad gaya”




3. When Boman Irani started consoling Abhishek Bachchan when Kirron Kher finds out about them being gay and shares his own experiences.

“aww, poor baby! Come to daddy! Ek jhooth ki zindagi jeena woh bhi doosron ke liye, it hurts, it really really hurts, aaj tak maine apne mummy daddy ko nahi bataya ki main unka Murli, Murli main M, they don’t know darling”



4. Kirron Kher finally coming to terms with her son being gay and accepting John Abraham.

“ye kangan maine apni bahu ke liye mangvaye the, ab sach poochh main nahi jaanti kit u meri bahu hai ya damaad par shagan samajh ke rakh le”


5. When right before the song desi girl, Kunal (John Abraham) and Sam (Abhishek Bachchan) are seen arguing and when Priyanka Chopra decides to solve the problem between the two, they falsely start accusing each other.

“pata hai roz jab ye gym se laut-ta hai main isse itna lovingly poochhta hoon aaj exercise bohot kiya jigripoo, toh kehta hai haan aaj maine 100 pull ups aur 200 push ups kiye hain, ab pata chala ye kispe push ups kar raha hai”



The movie was a laugh riot and not just the dialogues, the movie has really funny moments as well. Those who have watched the film would know and the ones who haven’t, need to watch this movie right now. So if you want to enjoy some Bollywood comedy, then this is the one movie that could tickle your funny bone.

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