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The last decade or so has seen some really big-budget productions across the three major film industries of India – Bollywood, Kollywood, and Tollywood. The dawn of the multiplex era and the perpetually increasing competition from Hollywood has made filmmakers think bigger, resulting in much larger investments for lavish spectacles, especially those arriving on festival weekends and starring huge stars.

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Admittedly, not every costly production works, with some of them falling bombing big time at the box-office, resulting in damning losses. But, it’s good to see that visionary Directors are at least getting the required financial support now to bring their imagination alive on screen because when such films work, they give audiences a true cinematic treat to savor for the ages.

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As mentioned before that it’s mostly Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu cinema where the big money is flowing in India. However, that doesn’t mean the financial stakes haven’t been raised across other regional industries in the country, too, with filmmakers from Bengali and Assamese to Gujarati and Marathi cinema making movies on larger budgets over the past three to four years. In fact, Malayalam and Kannda films have raised their production costs to much higher levels, and we think the day won’t be far when their budgets may match or at least come close to some of the costliest films in Bollywood, Kollywood, and Tollywood.

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So, let’s check out the most expensive Indian films in different languages to date and the years they released in, and what kind of verdict did those huge budgets fetch at the box-office.

(Note: All budgets include print and advertising costs)

Film Language Year Budget (including P&A) Box-Office Verdict
2.0 Tamil 2018 543 crore TBR*
Saaho Telugu 2019 300 crore TBR
Padmaavat Hindi 2018 215 crore Blockbuster
Kurukshetra Kannada 2018 100 crore TBR
Kayamkulam Kochunni Malayalam 2018 45 crore TBR
Chaar Sahibzaade Punjabi 2014 20 crore All-Time Blockbuster
Amazon Obhijaan Bengali 2017 20 crore Blockbuster
Lai Bhaari Marathi 2014 15 crore Superhit
Bey Yaar Gujarati 2014 2.25 crore All-Time Blockbuster
Mission China Assamese 2017 2 crore All-Time Blockbuster

*(TBR = To be Released)

Let’s see how long it takes before a mega-budget film comes along to knock 2.0 of its top spot, and which language it’ll be in. Also, it’d be interesting to keep a tab on how soon other regional-language films, at least those in Kannada and Malayalam (to be realistic) may challenge their Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu counterparts.

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