Mahesh Babus SPYder leaked online


SPYder is undoubtedly one of the years most eagerly anticipated films, with both Mahesh Babu fans and neutral moviegoers waiting with bated breath for the films release ever since its superlative teaser took the nation by storm. Given the tremendous buzz the film is carrying, the last thing its makers would have wanted was for it to become a victim of online piracy. However, thats exactly what has befallen the film a short while ago.

A five-and-half-minute video of the film, involving a few action scenes revolving around Mahesh Babu, found its way online a few hours ago, stimulating its makers into overdrive in their quest to try and curb the menace. The moment the video went viral, it was spotted by a couple of Prince fans, they quickly notified the production house, NVR Cinemas, after which, the latter sought assistance from the cyber-police to take down all the videos.

Check out some stills from the leaked scenes below:

Most of the videos have since been removed from the internet, but a few are still doing the rounds. Some sources also claim that this is a PR stunt by the producers to enhance the buzz around SPYder. However, with the hype its carrying, we doubt that theyd need to resort to such tactics.

The police are still on the lookout for the origin of the leak. All crew members and technicians working on the films post-production are currently under investigation.

Image Source: NVR Cinemas

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