Koffee With Karan Ft. Jackie Shroff And Tiger Shroff Was Bold, Fun And Fabulous


We are starting to believe that the actors who’ve been in the industry for the longest time are more lively than the ones from the current lot. Tonight’s episode of Koffee with Karan was proving just that, featuring Jackie Shroff with his son Tiger Shroff, this episode was full of wit and humour. While Tiger was more diplomatic on his debut in Koffee with Karan, Jackie Shroff was the cool cat. Candid, fun and supercool is exactly what defines tonight’s episode of KwK. Here are a few highlights-

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Jackie Shroff and Aamir Khan’s late night conversations

When Aamir Khan appeared of KwK, he shared how stressed he gets months before the release of his film. The man needs company at midnight, and Jackie Shroff being his neighbour, always accompanies Aamir Khan during a time like that. When asked about what the two lads chat about, Jackie Shroff reveals that they talk about water, seeds, documentaries. Well, that’s intense!

Jackie Shroff does not believe in ‘love’

Jackie Shroff thinks that love is an overused term. He says that people should use ‘lust’ instead of love, except the mother-child or father-child relationship, no bond can be defined as ‘love’. And then the cool dude that he, he gives a crazy example saying, “I love your shoes and I love you and I’m like, for God’s sake, is that what you’re comparing me from?”

Tiger Shroff’s everlasting crush on Shraddha Kapoor

It’s not news that Tiger Shroff has always been a fan of Shraddha Kapoor, but apparently, the man has had a crush on the Shraddha since he was a 3-year old child. And looks like nothing has changed, when given an option of ‘Kill, Marry or Hook-up’, Tiger chose Shraddha Kapoor to marry and Jacqueline to hook-up with.

Jackie Shroff’s undying love for Madhuri Dixit

While his son cannot get over Shraddha Kapoor, looks like Jackie Shroff is crushing hard on Madhuri Dixit since ages. She has played Jackie’s, sister and his girlfriend, yet it looks like she continues to be pretty much his dream girl. Jackie Shroff couldn’t stop gushing over Madhuri’s evergreen beauty.

Looks like Ranbir Kapoor is Jackie Shroff’s favourite from the current lot

During the rapid fire, we could only hear two names from Jackie Shroff’s mouth, one was Madhuri Dixit or the second one was Ranbir Kapoor. He also considers him to be one of the best actors from the current lot, he thinks he is a great dancer and he also thinks that he gets heart-broken quite often.

When Tiger Shroff was too awkward to discuss his sex life with his dad

They may share a great rapport; they may share the coolest father-son bond but Tiger just cannot discuss his sex life with father. Tiger thinks that it would be super-weird to talk about sex with his father.

Ayesha Shroff’s emotional clip for the two men in her life

Tiger Shroff absolutely loves his mother and Jackie Shroff wrote letters to his wife when they were dating. Since, the lady plays such a major role in their lives, a video clip of her sharing their life struggles and how the two men stood by her during the rough times left us teary-eyed. Ayesha shares how there was time when her film, ‘Boom’ was shelved, Jackie Shroff stood by her and sold the most expensive of his property to get the film released. Tiger promised her that one day he would buy all that they have lost, and as soon as he became a star, he kept his promise and made everything possible.

All in all, in Jackie Shroff’s words, tonight’s episode was bold, fun and fabulous. (Also Read: Tonight’s Episode Of Koffee With Karan Was Proof That Priyanka Chopra Is The Ultimate Queen)

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