Kedarnath movie review: Sara Ali Khan barely saves this sinking ship

Bollywood Review

Kedarnath is saddled with a plot that’s done to death, and what’s worse is that Director Abhishek Kapoor (who’s also one of the writers) and cowriter Kanika Dhillon seem to have adamantly refused to inject any novelty or semblance of uniqueness into the storytelling and presentation.

Sushant Singh Rajput, too, fails to rise above a poorly written part, and the stunning cinematography and visual effects (particularly in the last 20 minutes or so, in the case of the latter) barely manage to keep the film from washing away in a deluge of mediocrity.

It’s left up to Sara Ali Khan, who sets the screen afire in her debut performance, to be the only saving grace. She’s born for the silver screen, embodying the best of all three worlds — her mom, dad, and her legendary grandmother — the complete package, inside-out.

Not since Alia Bhatt has an actress set the screen alive like she does, and not since Sridevi, Madhuri, Juhi, and Karisma has an actress brought back that age-old “adah” and “nazakat” quintessential to the Bollywood heroine. If you must watch Kedarnath, watch it only for Sara who’s the complete package, inside-out, and appears to be born for the silver screen.

Movified Rating: 2/5

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