Kangana Ranaut tries intimidating a journalist at Judgementall Hai Kya press con while the host acts rude and arrogant with another journo who comes out in support

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Kangana Ranaut’s bullying tactics and underhand comments, be it with other celebs from the industry or people of the press, have become common knowledge by now and her ugly behavior was once again on full display before a media contingent at the launch of The Wakhra Song from her upcoming film, Judgementall Hai Kya.

When a well-known and ubiquitously respected journalist had asked her a harmless question pertaining to the song (like it should be at a press conference), the actress completely lost the plot and took a sharp detour by accusing said journo of criticizing her erstwhile release, Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi. Her language was unparliamentary to say the least, her accusation baseless and unwarranted as the scribe vehemently denied it and demanded proof (which she had none of), and the timing as well as occasion were totally incongruous given that it was a press con for a completely different event, and she could have simply politely refused to answer the question if she had an issue with the person in question.

Things got more heated when the host, whose obnoxious behavior most of us have encountered in the past, jumped in to cut short the journalist’s just rebuttal, but had no qualms in Kangana ranting off on an unrelated incident, despite the media being told in the past to keep their questions related to the event. Thankfully, another senior journalist decided that enough was enough and decided to put the anchor in his place, ensuring that his colleague got a fair chance (at least, however much possible) to present his defense.

Watch the video below and decide for yourselves who’s the bully and who’s the victim (unlike how someone tries to eternally make a mockery of the victim card).

In case y’all are wondering what was Kangana’s bone that she so desperately needed to pick with someone at (again) a completely unrelated occasion, and whom (like he aptly put it) she towers over both in power and reach, then it seems to be connected to this tweet, which, seems completely normal given the context back then, absolutely logical given the prose of said tweet, and well within every media personnel’s rights regardless if we’ve interviewed a celeb or not and irrespective whether we’ve supported them in the past or not. Don’t take our word for it. Once again, check it yourselves and decide.

Personally, I know both the journalists, Justin Rao and Sanajy Mishra, who were arguing with Kangana and the host respectively. They’re good, standup guys, who always do an honest job. I’m so proud of them both. It was long time coming for that rude, arrogant host who’s a repeat offender in such matter, and Kangana, too, with all her intimidation and delusions. (If she had an issue, however unwarranted, and needed to adress it, that was certainly not the place.) It takes special guts and character to stand your ground like they did. And the way Justin handled his personal attack was simply amazing. Very few, me included, would have been able to stand our ground yet keep our poise like he did. Hats off to him.

We all need to continue what they’ve begun. They lit the fire that shouldn’t be doused. Enough of anchors manipulating journos and sometimes even turning other journos against a single journo over a question. As anchors, their job is to talk about the event, introduce those on the podium, and have a formal Q & A in the beginning. That’s it! And like Sanjay, we all need to remind them this henceforth. As for Kangana, her indimidating tactics have gone on for far too long and need to be put in place once and for all.

Additionally, to diffuse the situation, Kangana later spoke some rubbish about “sanskar” and “shararat” and “dosti” (seen in the video), and several in the media laughed and cheered. Why? What she did with ⁨Justin Rao⁩ was shararat (mischief), and did it even remotely appear to come from a place of dosti (friendship)? The rest of the media contingent should’ve staged a walkout or, at least, expressed solidarity for Justin in the way Sanjay did. In fact, It’s utterly shameful that some were merely keen to continue with their questions barely seconds after the incident, and someone (who can’t be identified in the video) also stated that the entire press con can’t be spoiled for one person. Look at the title of the video, too, all for the sake of grabbing eyeballs. Don’t these people realize that today it was someone else, tomorrow it could be them.

More than Kangana (whose ethics, which she always toots about from the rooftop, went for a toss) and the host, it’s media people like these that I’m boiling mad at right now. I’m extremely disappointed that I wasn’t there to support two upstanding, hardworking colleagues. Was feeling lazy to attend an event on a Sunday, and I missed a golden opportunity to extend my support due to that. The entire entertainment media needs to unite now and ensure such instance never occur again. We have to. We can’t allow their efforts to go in vain.

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