Kaafir (web series) review: A flawless masterpiece on the complexities of humanity

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ZEE5’s newest web series ,Kaafir, hits you like a ton of bricks, makes you question where you stand, and forces you to stare at #humanity in the face regardless your nationality or religion.

Mohit Raina is utterly fabulous as a lawyer willing to do whatever it takes to set right a grave injustice while endeavoring to achieve a bit of redemption in the bargain.

As for Dia Mirza, her eyes, her body language, her each expression immerses you in volumes of vulnerability and strength in equal measure. In due course, she also serves a statement to every Bollywood filmmaker she has ever worked or not worked with, reminding them how they’ve criminally underutilized her talent.

Kaafir is hitherto the best ZEE5 Original by miles, and, without a vestige of doubt, one of the best shows ever produced in India. And perhaps what works best for it is that at the heart of everything, it’s just a brilliant courtroom drama , not witnessed in Indian entertainment since the Hindi film Pink three years ago.

Miss this and you’ll miss something profound in your life. A flawless masterpiece on the complexities of humanity.

Movified Rating: 5/5

1 thought on “Kaafir (web series) review: A flawless masterpiece on the complexities of humanity

  1. Rightly said its really a flawless masterpiece, Vedant (Mohit Raina) is a powerful character and has set a benchmark with his Performance. Both Diya Mirza and Mohit Raina lived in their characters, and one will feel its some thing happening real in front of our eyes. congrats to the entire team for bringing out such a series. No doubt, its one of the best shows. don’t miss it.

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