“Just Because You Have Multiple Boyfriends Doesn’T Mean You’Re Not Good Enough” Alia Bhatt Turns Love Guru


Dear Zindagi, which is all set to release on the 25th of November is making us love Zindagi already. You know why? Because the movie is teaching us how to appreciate the little things in life. (Also Read: Dear Zindagi’s new soulful track is every youngster’s story)

As most of us are aware that Shah Rukh Khan plays Alia’s life coach in the film, we wondered what would happen when the tables are turned. And trust us when we say, Alia takes you by surprise with her amazing perspective towards life. This is what she says-

Zindagi Lessons by Alia Bhatt







We don’t need no guru

You might need somebody at a point of time to tell you what the right thing is but that can be anybody and also, sometimes you don’t need an advice, all you need is someone who would just lend an ear.

YOLO, so be yourself!

You have only one life and you should live it your way. Nobody should come in the way of you experiencing things yourself. Whether it is to run after our dreams or just simply be who we want to be, while your basic instinct will tell you what’s wrong and what’s right.

It’s okay to fall in and out of love

An important lesson that not only the girls of today need to learn but also something that everybody who is a part of this society should understand and learn to accept. It’s not fair for people to believe to judge a woman if she has had multiple boyfriends.

Be grateful to your parents

Most of us don’t realise that after a certain age we become ignorant towards our parents while there is so much they’ve done for us throughout their lives. Be grateful for all the little things they do for us in our day-to-day life because they matter!

Be passionate about everything in life

This doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to be passionate towards our work only, be passionate about everything you do in life, because if you’re not passionate yourself, you cannot expect anybody to be passionate towards you!

We hear you Alia! Now we know that maturity doesn’t necessarily come with age but begins with the acceptance of responsibility and Alia is a perfect example.

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