Junglee movie review: Even the elephants, the best actors on display, can’t save this jig in the jungle

Bollywood Review

Forget emotions, empathy, pathos, or genuine human bonding; when you go to watch an out-an-out action film, all of the above can easily be compensated for with the one quality genre fans go to watch such movies — mind-blowing action.

Unfortunately, for a movie assembled on this promise, with a trailer enthusing moviegoers of adrenaline-pumping moments, and featuring an actor who’s built his entire reputation as one of the world’s top martial artists, Junglee is exasperatingly derived of a single marquee action sequence or major stunt, and whatever we get in view of a few fight scenes is grossly underwhelming to even induce a modicum of excitement.

So, if this is the case with the action, you’d expect the other aspects to come good. Alas, the bonding between Vidyut Jammwal and the elephants — the one factor that could’ve redeemed the film, barely strikes a chord, except for one or two scenes, where the entire credit goes to the pachyderms who are infinitely more expressive than 2-note Vidyut. The rest of the film hinges on a wafer-thin plot with glaring loopholes in the script and cardboard characters galore, which was also the case with a similar Thai product that had released 14 years ago  — Tom-Yum-Goong. That film though was overflowing with Tony Jaa’s jaw-dropping action that’s necessary for such flimsy-plotted films to work.

You seriously wonder if Chuck Russel, who has helmed some of Hollywood’s most entertaining film’s (The Mask, Eraser, The Scorpion King), actually traveled to India to make this or ghost directed it from the US? And if he did, then what compelled him to choose Junglee as his first Bollywood showcase. Moreover, what made him spring a Ganpati Bappa mirage out of nowhere in an action film?

Movified Rating: 1.5/5

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