Jacqueline Fernandez voices concern over the Northeast floods


Actress Jacqueline Fernandez always raises her voice for social causes and tries her best to help bring attention to the most alarming situations. With her humongous influence across social media, the actress has yet again voiced her concern over the devastating northeastern floods that has shaken the whole country.

Over the past few days, the eastern part of the country has been hit by massive floods hugely affecting the states of Assam, Mizoram, and Bihar, here not just the human lives are at loss but even the wild animal’s habitations are affected in a large number.

Being a social media influencer, the actress uses her label very wisely and she raised awareness about the distressed situations of the flora, fauna and people alike, Jacqueline Fernandez raised her concern and posted on her social media.

The actress wrote, “This is so heartbreaking! My sincere thoughts and prayers are with all those braving floods in Assam, Mizoram and Bihar.”

Touted to be a positive growth leader and hailed as one of the most influential celebrities, Jacqueline always manages to be informative and raise concern on these matters.

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