Jacqueline Fernandez is the cheerleader you all need in life


Jacqueline Fernandez has often been seen supporting her contemporaries with a wide smile on her face- on social media and otherwise, as well. The actress is known as the warmest person in the industry when it comes to extending support in every manner.

The actress has always given shout outs to her peers on social media which proves Jacqueline Fernandez as a well-wisher, not everybody is lucky to have. Showcasing her warmth and selflessness, Jacqueline Fernandez is one of the most loved artistes in the industry.

With all the positivity and smile on her face, Jacqueline Fernandez has all that will make your day cheerful and how! Being one of the warmest people in Bollywood, Jacqueline had thrown many success parties for all her contemporaries in the industry.

Recently, the actress was spotted with her friend Amanda Cerny at a restaurant in Suburban Mumbai. Jacqueline and Amanda created waves with their pictures as Jacqueline visited the States and developed a bond with the latter. The actress has been currently creating a buzz as she would return to Salman Khan and Sajid Nadiadwala’s franchise with Kick 2.

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