Jacqueline Fernandez does the Bottle-Flip challenge for good health


To highlight the importance of wellness and encourage her fans to follow a healthier lifestyle, Jacqueline Fernandez will be posting a video today of herself doing the Bottle Flip Challenge, a fitness challenge video that will nominate 2-3 other celebrities for the same. Bottle-Flip Challenge is one of the weekly challenges of Race to Manchester City. Powered by Stepathlon, Race To Manchester City is virtual race that serves as a platform and a hub to health and fitness enthusiasts.

Race to Manchester City’ is open for all, free of cost, 60-day fitness challenge that seeks to inculcate the practice of taking at least 10,000 steps a day, being physically active and adopting a healthier lifestyle. The registration period for the Race begins today and ends on 8th July 2019.

Jacqueline says, “The bottle-flip challenge has been entertaining internet for a while now, so here’s my bottle version and i am so excited to share this with everybody. Don’t forget to register for Race to Manchester City powered by Stepathlon.”

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