Jack Sparrow’s character in Pirates of the Caribbean was inspired by Lord Krishna

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Pirates of the Caribbean, which generated millions of dollars at the box-office, actually had a character inspired from Hinduism. The series of the film was started in 2003 with Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, which received positive reviews from critics, became a smash hit, and has spawned four sequels so far. The series gave the audience the beloved character of Jack Sparro, played by Johnny Depp, which has created an immense impact on modern culture all over the world.

The role of Captain Jack Sparrow was created by screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio and, interestingly, they’ve gone ahead to reveal that Jack Sparrow has been inspired by shades of Lord Krishna. Without hearing it from the horses’ mouths, who’d have known that Lord Krishn, who is an inspiration to many because of his sharpness and utmost strength, has also inspired the legendary screenwriters of Pirates of the Caribbean?

Ted Elliott one of the screenwriters for Jack Sparrow’s character shares, “Jack Sparrow’s character in Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most integral part of the film. The characterization of Sparrow is based on Lord Krishna who is a major deity in Hinduism. While writing the character sketch of Jack Sparrow, we referred to the description of Lord Krishna, various shades of the Almighty, which helped us a lot in making the whole character of Jack Sparrow into existence”.

In the films, Sparrow is one of the nine pirate lords in the Brethren Court, the Pirate Lords of the Seven Seas. He’s unassumingly cunning, and survives mostly by using wit and negotiation rather than force. Similarly, Lord Krishna is listed as the 57th name in the Vishnu Sahasranama who defeated his foes with wit and dialogue.

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