“It’s my sense of duty to make sure I am clear”: Sara Ali Khan


Ever since her promising debut, the Buzz girl Sara Ali Khan has won over hearts with her strong social media presence and unbelievable talent. With about 10.8 million followers, the actress believes that she has a strong sense of duty as a huge number of people are looking up to her and she has to make it a point that she is clear with whatever she puts out there.

Sara has been asked multiple times about her social media responsibilities and the actress shares, “I used to initially say it doesn’t matter at all, but as time has passed by I have realized that there are about 10 million people following me. That’s a huge number, but most importantly one needs to be a little more aware, which is a very big one for me. I am a very bindaas kind of a person. I do like it as and say as it as.

“Most people take it sportingly, but there are certain people who don’t. One thing while knowing me you need to sometimes understand that I am not trying to be rude to you, even on Social Media. There could be a comment or joke I could crack, there are better ways in life. In person, you have to understand the context, but in Social Media, it stays over there. On Social Media, there are 500 followers that needn’t understand the intention. I think it is my sense of duty to make sure I am clear.”

The actress thinks that she needs to be a bit more aware about what is shared on her social media as a lot of people look up to her and follow her but apart from that she firmly believes, that whatever people have to say about her is never going to change the way she behaves as being true to oneself is very important. Sara’s main aim is to keep it real on social media and to be extremely natural with her fans.

Sara is surely one busy name in the industry and the actress has chosen an unconventional path as her debut was right after she finished education.

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