“It wasn’t with me but with people around me, I wanted to do something”: Ananya Panday on what drove her to start ‘So +


This year, Social Media Day witnessed a unique initiative, called So Positive launched by Ananya Pandey who has taken a stand against social media bullying by launching her digital social responsibility initiative. While explaining the point what Ananya is making that online hatred has no rationale no fixed address, the initiative takes on not just one point but a broader aspect. It’s not limited to “Nepo gang” or thin people, talented or untalented people, deserving or under deserving people. It’s simply about disrespecting and abusing because you can.

Explaining the same Ananya Panday spills her views on it, “I don’t think there was one reason, there were many things that were happening. The thing with Social Media Bullying and Cyberbullying is that everyone sees it happening. It’s on such a public platform for the whole world to see and it’s not one on one. It was just small things I saw kept happening. It wasn’t with me but with people around me. I wanted to do something, I wasn’t sure what to do. But I realized that when you are an actor, you have a voice and people are listening to you and they take you seriously. People are looking up to you. You should use your voice in the right way and do the littlest things to make a difference.”

So Positive is an original cause taken up by Ananya which is backed with substantial data, research and behavioural statistics. The initiative aims at creating and spreading awareness about social media bullying. The initiative’s prime focus is to make people aware of the fact that this issue exists and stays very prevalent in society. Also, the steps that can be taken by the recipients of this destructive criticism in order to deal with this.

The platform would create engagement to inform the broader public about the existing actions to emerge out of the issue. Ananya’s initiative is centered around extending support and providing guidance to people to collaborate with helpful entities such as government and lawyers, to name a few.

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