Is Yasin Bhatkal Arjun Kapoor’s India’s Most Wanted?


The trailer for Arjun Kapoor’s upcoming spy thriller India’s Most Wanted follows a team of intelligence officers, who hunt down one of the most dangerous terrorists creating havoc all across the country. Based on the true story, the trailer starts with an explosion that leaves many dead.

It goes on to depict Kapoor’s character gathering five men and leaving for Kathmandu to capture the mastermind behind the blast in the coveted mission. Nothing could stop the brave hearts from performing their duties and capture the terrorist without using a single bullet.

Raj Kumar Gupta, who has written and directed the feature, when asked whether the film is based on Indian Mujahideen member Yasin Bhatkal said, “I just want to say that it is inspired by true events. When you’ll watch the film, you will get to know what inspired it. It’s a watershed moment for Indian intelligence. Come and see it for yourself.”

Arjun also spoke about being trolled for referencing verses from the Bhagavad Gita: “We are putting our country, humanity first. This film is about those people who didn’t think about religion, caste and creed. Today, I would want you all to go back home and really consider whether that conversation is even worth it. It’s interesting for people to type things at home, but do they go and put themselves out there? Are they putting their lives on the line? It doesn’t matter what blood it is, people use words to rationalise, people use religion to make others feel a certain way. We are depicting a film that is pro-India. So, just give the film a chance before giving importance to these things.”

Yasin Bhatkal, a key conspirator in various terror cases across India. Bhatkal, who once topped Delhi Police’s list of 15 most wanted terrorists, was arrested from the India-Nepal border after a joint operation by Bihar Police and intelligence agencies in August 2013.

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