“I’m not okay with playing a villain on screen”: Salman Khan on not doing Dhoom 4

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Some time ago, there was massive speculation that Salman Khan had been roped in as the antagonist of Dhoom 4. However, it’s now all but certain that Salman won’t be a part of the film in any capacity whatsoever. And while many theories have been circulated as the possible reason for the superstar opting out of the film (yes, it’s true that Aditya Chopra had offered him Dhoom 4), the most common one had to with Abhishek Bachchan and Salman’s alleged unwillingness to share screen space with him on account of their history together.

The Abhishek angle couldn’t be further away from the truth though as Salman himself revealed the reason for him opting out of the film in a recent media interaction (for his upcoming reality show, Bigg Boss), and it has to do with his onscreen image.

“I’m not okay with playing a villain on screen. In India, the masses blindly follow the heroes they admire and judge them by their antics on screen. Therefore, I want to be responsible while choosing films and always give a good message to my fans. I don’t want people to blindly copy me or indulge in wrongdoings.”

While we feel that mostly today’s audience are more mature than Salman suggests, we have to concede that some younger fans, especially those in rural areas, may blindly follow whatever he does. Whatever be the credibility of his viewpoint, we’re at least glad that the superstar put the rumor mills, connecting his refusal to do the film with Abhishek Bachchan, to rest.

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