“I’m always gonna think there’s so much more to do”: Ekta Kapoor


Conquering the entertainment industry across mediums, content czarina Ekta Kapoor still believes there is a lot to achieve. She has single-handedly changed the landscape of Indian Television with her shows, dominating the choice of viewers across channels. Emerging as the TRP queen, Ekta Kapoor has presented tailor-made content that pleases the audience knowing the pulse of the masses.

Having started with television, Ekta Kapoor carved a niche in the film industry with bold choices of films along with the strong female characters. Delivering hits that have set a milestone, Ekta is a force to reckon with in the motion pictures. Currently striding high on the success of her digital platform, Ekta Kapoor has offered content for different demographics, giving a personalized touch to content.

Despite reaching for the sky with her achievements, Ekta Kapoor feels she is yet to achieve more. The filmmaker said, “I think I’m too focused to have a perspective and I’m not the perspective type and never sit back and think, “Ohh I have achieved so much.” I’m always gonna think there’s so much more to do”.

Ekta Kapoor who is touted to treat the audience with flavours of entertainment has been adding award after award to her list with her diverse content. Graced with the title of TRP queen in Naagin, Ekta Kapoor has maintained the title in season 3 as well. The content visionary produced a versatile concept like Veere Di Wedding, a movie which showcases women voicing topics which are otherwise looked as taboo.

Not only this, making a mark at the digital platform Alt Balaji, Ekta Kapoor has treated the audience with varied genres of web shows from family dramas like Home and Hum, to erotics like XXX: Uncensored or Gandi Baat.

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