If You Re A Baahubali Fan, Then You Just Can T Miss This Grand Baahubali Thali


Both Baahubali and its sequel were grander, bigger, and mightier than any Indian film that preceded them, in every conceivable way. And in that spirit, we’ve chanced upon a wonderful addition to the world of Baahubali that has no direct connection to the film whatsoever, but imbibes every bit of its essence. Just like the films were, it, too, is bigger, grander, and mightier than anything in its ilk that has preceded it, and truly justifies the bond it shared with S.S. Rajamouli’s magnum opuses. So, what is it?

Well, we won’t keep you in the dark any longer. We’re referring to a dish called the ‘Baahubali Thali’, and, boy, does it live up to its lofty moniker. Available at an eatery called House of Paratha, nestled at Pune’s J.M. Road, the ‘Baahubali Thali’ is not only celestial for any foodie, but also something that needs to be on the checklist of even those who eat out once in a while – simply because it’s unlike anything you’ve ever had or ever will have, regardless if you’re a pure vegetarian or a meat eater.

Just get a load of the monster below

If the movies were a feast for the eyes, then this dish is surely a feast for the taste buds. And in case you’re wondering what all has been crammed into the thali, fret not because we’re listing the delicacies for you. And guess what, many of the mouthwatering treats in the thali have been named after the famous characters in Baahubali. Now isn’t that cool?

1.)   Devasena Paratha

2.)   Kattappa Biryani

3.)   Sivagami Shaahi Pakwan

4.)   Bhalladeva Patiala Lassi

5.)   Baahubali Paratha (the giant main dish that constitutes the major portion of the thali)

6.)   Five varieties of farsan and fried snacks

7.)   Three varieties dals

8.)   Four varieties of veg dishes

9.)   Five varieties of sweet dishes

10.) Juice/Milkshake

11.) Curd

12.) Raita

13.) Chutney

14.) Pickle

15.) Papad

16.) Three types of ice cream

In case you wanna get a better look at the dishes, we’ve also got some individual photos for you

So, what are you waiting for? Get your friends and/or family together and head down to House of Paratha in Pune ASAP. Just remember that along with being scrumdiddlyumptious, the Baahubai Thali is also something that cannot be had alone or even by two or for that matter by three or four people, however big eater you’ll are. It’s just not humanly possible. So make sure that five or six of you’ll tuck into it savor this mouthwatering treat that’s nothing short of nectar from Mahishmati.

Images Sources: Arka and Zomato

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