i Want To Make A Singham Dabangg Crossover Someday : Rohit Shetty On Multi Starrers, Mainstream Films, And Pseudo Intellectuals


Rohit Shetty – the tour de force behind no-holds-barred masala entertainers – is back with his latest film, Golmaal Again, which also happens to be part of his and one of Bollywood’s most-successful franchises. Prior to the release of the film, we caught up with the ace mainstream filmmaker to discuss about his movies, the lack of multi-starrers today, Indian cinema, and the dismissive attitude by pseudo-intellectuals towards his films. Needless to say, the conversation was totally Golmaal.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview:


Difference between Golmaal Again and the first three films

“This was the most difficult Golmaal for us to write. That’s why it took two to three years to complete the script. I wanted it to be bigger and grander because I didn’t want the audience to feel that it’s similar to Golmaal 3, which released seven years ago. It wouldn’t be right on our part to cash in on the title and characters. So apart from scripting, we have even upped the technical part.”


Venturing into the untapped horror comedy genre


“In the south, there have been a lot of successful horror comedies off late. But the genre hasn’t been explored in Bollywood, and I think it could work well over here. The positive response to the promo of our film has been mostly because of the horror elements.”


Lack of multi-starrers in today’s times

“I don’t know why people are not working together these days. There should be multi-starrers as business wise, it’s a safer proposition. The audience wants to see two or even three heroes work together as that definitely adds on to the buzz of a film. Ajay Devgn, Akshay Kumar, and Suniel Shetty have done so many two-hero films. So, I think the younger lot of actors, too, should start doing them. They’ll definitely work. But, ultimately, it’s the film that has to do the talking. That being said, there’ll always be a big audience for two-hero films.”


Understanding of Indian cinema among younger actors

“I’ve worked with Varun, and have interacted with him a lot. Si, I can confidently say that among the younger crop of actors, he has a sound understanding of our cinema. You can see that by how he’s balancin his films by doing a Judwaa 2 or Badri with films like Badlapur and his other upcomng different work (films like Sui Dhaaga and October). Apart from him, there’s Ranveer, with whom I’ll work soon. I know these two boys personally, and they have a sound sensibility of Indian cinema. Varun, Ranveer, and even Arjun for that matter are on the right path, where they want to do all kinds of cinema.”


Possibility of a film with Salman Khan


“More than 10,000 people have told me about this (doing a films with Salman). Everybody says that Salman and I would make a lethal combination, but I’m waiting for the right script because he’s such a big star. The day I get the right script, I’d work with him.”


The possibility of a Singham-Dabangg crossover

“I want to do a Singham-Dabangg crossover someday, and we should make cross-brand films. I have a concept in mind, but I won’t tell you what it’s about. But, there’s no script in place now, so I can’t say when it would happen.”


Update on Ram Lakhan 2


“We wrote a draft for it (Ram Lakhan 2), but I want two big heroes to do the film. Someday, I’ll make that film. However, right now, it’s on the backburner.”


Pressure of being one-of-the-most successful commercial Directors in the country


“The pressure is there, but you have to deal with it by working hard. I’m nervous to see the audience reaction to Golmaal Again, but I don’t have any pressure with regards to the film’s content. I’ve worked hard on this film and a lot of honesty reflects in that work. The audience will decide the rest.”


Reaction to pseudo-intellectuals in the media and among the audience who ridicule his movies

“I’m that father who brings in money but has no value in the family. I think, the day we change the functioning of the industry by focusing on footfalls, most things would change. That day, people would no longer say, ‘Arre paisa banaya toh kya hua?’ (What difference does it make if the film made money?) It’s not about the money; it’s about the number of people who watch the film.”

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