“I love every moment of what I do so this is exhilarating than draining”: Shraddha Kapoor on her shooting spree


If you see Shraddha Kapoor’s shoot schedule then one would definitely need energy in abundance to cope up with it. The actress has been hopping from one set to another and is on a shoot spree!

In the past 20 days, the Stree of Bollywood has been shooting multiple projects continuously. She began with the shoot in Hyderabad for Saaho, from there the actress flew to Dubai for the next schedule of Street Dancer 3D. From Dubai to Istanbul and Antalya for another shoot then back in bay but it doesn’t stop here with just a stay of few hours and back at the sets of Saaho and rolling.

Clearly, with the above schedule, Shraddha is one of the busiest actors in Bollywood and talking about the shoot madness the actress shares, “It’s a crazy time. I think so as longs as I have my sleep in place and moments to meditate I feel like I can manage well. I love every moment of what I do so this is exhilarating than draining but of course, there are moments of exhaustion.”

It’s not just the energy that one requires to cope up with continously shooting multiple projects, the actor also has to switch on and off from her characters as she hops from one set to another. Not sticking to the comfort zone the actress loves that she has a mixed bag of projects.

Talking about it, the actress shares, “This is what I look for and try to dabble in different characters and become part of different worlds. As an actor, one has the privilege to have so many journeys through the characters they play in one lifetime.”

In Saaho Shraddha will be seen in an action avatar, in Street Dancer 3D the actress will be performing hardcore dance and in Chhichore Shraddha will be essaying a role of two generations.

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