i Like Acting Because It Gives Me The Sense Of Letting My Emotions Out”: Zaira Wasim Of Secret Superstar On Her Career In The Films


We have seen several young actors in Bollywood who star in a film and rise to fame but fail to continue the success streak after that. There are a very few who are able to make a mark and create a space for themselves in the industry. It becomes all the more difficult if the artist is a complete outsider for the film fraternity.

Zaira Wasim is the artist who rose to stardom with Aamir Khan’s Dangal for her amazing portrayal of young Geeta. Touted as one of the brightest young actors in Bollywood, Zaira is now all set to make her mark as the promising talent through her next film, Secret Superstar. Zaira is playing the character of the protagonist Insia who dreams of becoming a singer. The trailer of the film has garnered love from all and the actress is being praised for her performance already.

We recently had a chat with Zaira where we talked to her about her journey in the films and her dreams about her career in Bollywood. Here is what she had to say-

About preparing for Secret Superstar

“The credit goes to the director for helping me to get into the skin of the character. Learning guitar was the topmost priority for me. I spent so much time with Meghana (the singer) so that I could assess how she is singing and imbibe that in my acting”.

“I’m very nervous and excited about the film. It is a very intense and beautiful script which has a message to tell. I want people to watch and love it. I hope that the audience get the message we want to tell them”.

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About relating to the character of Insia


“It was very disturbing when I read the script. I come from a family which is so loving and supporting. Girl child is so pampered in my family and we are treated like queens. Therefore it was difficult for me to connect with the character when I heard the script. My father is very protective and possessive about me and he always wants the best for me. I have never been stopped from doing something nor have I faced any hindrance from anyone in the family”.

Working with Aamir Khan

“It was great working with him (Aamir Khan). In Dangal, he was a father and here in this film, he is absolutely different. What is inspiring the most is the fact that he is so simple. It’s very warm working with him and I feel blessed that I got the chance to work with him”.

“I have learnt a lot of things from him but the one thing that will stay with me forever is that there is no definition of best, there is always a good or a better. Every time you think you have given your best, there will be someone who will tell you how to do it better”.

About handling the pressure of being a star and a role model

“I like acting because it gives me the sense of letting my emotions out. I am not working for fame or publicity. In fact, I get anxious when there are people around me so I won’t be able to handle the fame”.

“People feel that I’m of their own, and the love is so beautiful and overwhelming. I feel lucky but at the same time I feel pressurised too. I keep telling people not to look up to me. Instead people falling into my footsteps, I want them to build their own path”.

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About the future in the film industry

“I am not trying to follow any rule or any particular path. I am not trying to build any aura around me either; I’m just exploring myself. I feel lucky that I get to interact and work with so many great people. I am still learning, and haven’t planned anything about the career as such. I try to always live in the present. I don’t connect with the past or the future, so let’s see where the life takes me!”

Image credits- Aamir Khan Productions

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