i Had No Clue That They Had Decided To Glorify The Villain : Sunny Deol On Shah Rukh Khan And The Darr Controversy


Sunny Deol may be the macho man of Indian cinema, capable of sending shivers down the spines of baddies with his powerful vocal chords and ‘dhai kilo ka haath’, but in real life, he’s a complete sweetheart – always smiling, always affable, perpetually polite, and exuding warmth. Perhaps, that’s why when we interacted with him recently during the promotion of his upcoming film, Poster Boys, the actor was extremely reluctant to talk about the 2-decade old issue revolving around his 1993 film, Darr, which refuses to die down.

When asked to comment on an old statement he gave about how he had felt hard done during the shooting of Darr as his request for a joint narration with Shah Rukh Khan wasn’t complied with, Sunny, in his customary pleasantness, preferred to let sleeping corpses lie rather than digging up the past.

“Anyway (with a pleasant smile), it’s such an old story, and we’ve all moved on. What’s the point of harping on the past?”

However, upon further prying and a gentle reminder that Darr is still in the news for such reports as much as it is for being an iconic film, and that people would love to hear his final take on the entire controversy, Sunny paaji finally opened up on the topic.

“At the end of the day, people loved me in the film, and they also loved Shah Rukh Khan. My only grievance is that I had no clue that they had decided to change things and glorify the villain. That was my only complain about Darr. Besides that, there’s nothing else. I’ve always worked in any film with an open heart and faith and with complete earnestness because I’ve always believed that trust goes a long way. Unfortunately, we may have many actors, many stars who function differently. Maybe, that’s how they’ve attained their stardom. But that doesn’t stop actors like us from functioning like we should. Heroism should also be about being heroic with the truth. Sadly, not everyone follows that.”

Well, it seems like Sunny Deol holds no grudges about the past, but there still appears to be a slight disappointment about the whole Darr episode.

Image Sources: Mukta and Excel

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